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Tzav Pius works to develop an Israeli society in which Jews of differing perceptions along the secular-orthodox spectrum, share a strong commitment to Jewish and democratic values, thus encouraging social and educational changes

תומכים בצו פיוס

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Joint Education

Hello Kita Alef

Joint religious-secular schools and kindergartens initiated by TZAV PIUS, which offer an important alternative to the divisive public school system that separates children based on religious affiliation.

Alan Hoffmann

Alan Hoffmann, Director-General of the Jewish Agency: "The separation of the educational system into various religious streams has a negative impact on the vision of Zionism"
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Teen Program

Teen Programs

“Hamachane Hameshutaf” – Tzav Pius` summer camp for teenagers across the Orthodox-secular spectrum and other educational projects.

Efrat Rosenberg Shapira about Tzav Pius

Efrat Rosenberg Shapira about Joint education

Soccer League

Soccer League

"The Together in the League" project offers religious, secular and traditional teenagers to meet up for experiential learning while playing soccer together.

Keshet HaTikva Joint school, Elyakim

Keshet HaTikva School, Elyakim