Joint Schools

Joint Schools

Joint religious-secular schools and kindergartens, initiated by TZAV PIUS, offer an important alternative to the divisive public school system that separates children based on religious affiliation.

Integrated schools are a source of educational creativity in which the emphasis is on mutual respect and inclusion, creating a natural connection between being a Jew and being an Israeli, preserving traditional and democratic values. A graduate of an integrated school, at which he is exposed to different ways of life and views, has a stronger and more solid identity.  He can cope with the complexity that shapes a multicultural Israeli society, and sees opportunity where many others see only a threat.

The Principles of joint Education

  • Creating an infrastructure for an integrated society through quality Jewish and secular education.
  • An encounter of diverse identities that preserve what is unique about each of them.
  • Assimilating values of pluralism, respect, and mutual responsibility.

Tzav Pius is promoting joint Education

  • Advice and assistance during the process of establishing a school or converting an existing school to the joint format. The intended beneficiaries are parents, relevant officials of the local authority, and the school principal.
  • Pedagogical assistance for teachers
  • Consolidation of a school community.
  • Training future teachers to work in a multi-identity classroom
  • In-service courses for the faculties of joint schools.
  • Making existing curricula accessible and developing new materials as required.
  • Increasing public awareness of joint education (among parents foremost.)
  • Creating a forum of interested parties in promoting joint education.

Since 2010 Tzav Pius has helped to more than double the number of integrated schools by establishing schools and kindergartens throughout Israel. Join us in changing the Israeli society by giving our children a valuable Education, connecting different perception and strengthening Jewish-Israeli values.

Visit a Joint School in Elyakim

Keshet Hatikvah - Eliakim